Birth Control and Bloating

birth control and bloatingBloating is abnormal swelling in the abdomens that occur due to trapping of gases produced by undigested food or food substances. It’s a very common problem with many people and there is nothing to worry about. It occurs in many cases even occur due to birth control pills. There are many aspects of birth control pills and one which is very uncomfortable is bloating. Women take birth control pills to ensure that they do not get pregnant. Birth control pills also affects the menstrual cycle which indirectly becomes the cause of bloating in this case.

Bloating and water retention is a part of menstrual cycle when women is on birth control pills. Almost 85 percent of the women face the problem during their periods when they are on birth control. The cause of bloating when women are on birth pill has a deep link with hormonal changes in a body. During bloating women might feel restless, irritated and pain especially during the time of menstruation. It also causes gas to accumulate in intestines, which is very common during menstruation. The reason for this bloating is due to lining of the uterus which is responsible for producing a chemical known as the Prostaglandins. This chemical leads to the contraction of the walls of the uterine muscles. This causes tissue to be released along with the fluid which is the main cause of menstruation. When this chemical is produced in large amounts then it causes bloating.


Common symptoms includes: headache, dizziness and many women also complaint about tenderness in the breast, nausea, breakthrough bleeding, decrease libido, mood swing, pain in the abdomens, feeling of fullness and heaviness, women start feeling fatness and gained weight in the stomach and abdomen area. Heavy chest pain, feeling of vomiting, diarrhoea, problem with stool, sometime blood in the stool, belching, indigestion, and cramp are also the other symptoms of birth control and bloating. Birth control also leads to cause body to feel fatigue, pain in thighs and breathing problem.


The treatment of bloating due to birth control comprises of: eating lots of fiber good, intake of sufficient amount of liquid or fluid which prevents the constipation that contribute to worsen the pain. Bloating can also be defeated by eating different type of healthy food especially when you are close to the time of periods. Other thing that women should see is to take less salt in food. Less amount of salt intake helps to decrease the water retention levels. It is recommended to take small diets at the time of menstruation and when you are on birth pills to avoid bloating and its impacts.

Other way of treating and preventing bloating due to birth control is to keep close watch on your diet. Do avoid the intake of junk food as it may lead to cramps. Also avoid lot of vegetables; especially those which produce gas are consumption. Avoid taking heavy milk products like cheese and butter which it didn’t get digested leads to bloating, especially during menstruation. Also avoid eating flash and grilled food.

Home remedies

To control and getting rid of from bloating due to birth control pills, there are many natural ways. You can control water retention when you are on a birth pills and during period by taking calcium and magnesium. Some other natural remedies are using herbs. One best thing to prevent bloating is to drink herb tea. It is seen very effective to avoid bloating caused due to birth control pills.

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